Three regions overlook Lake Garda, each with their own individual character, landscape and culture, which also influences the local cuisine and food and wine specialities.The most typical product is the extra virgin olive oil, renowned for its lightness and delicacy, which goes well with freshwater fish from the lake and traditional country dishes of meat and polenta.

The Alto Garda area is home to the unique lemon houses, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The citrus fruits of Lake Garda, are an important ingredient in many local recipes, including Limoncino liqueur and lemon cream of the Riviera dei Limoni, a citron-flavored beverage, and sweets.

An ideal accompaniment to each dish is the excellent wine produced in the Garda vineyards: Nosiola, Merlot, Cabernet and Vino Santo in the northern areas; Classico Groppello della Valtenesi in the southern vineyards of Bardolino and Lugana. Several itineraries wind through the renowned winemaking areas taking you on a journey to discover the flavours and fragrances of the land…

The secular tradition of fishing is kept alive by a few professionals who supples the shops and restaurants along the coast. The fish patrimony of Garda in these last few years has been constantly increasing, thanks to well-aimed interventions to inseminate the whitefish, pike and perch. Among the numerous species which populate the waters of Garda, there is one, rare and sought-after by gourmets, which only lives here: the trout. It is a salmonoid with soft and very tasty white or pink flesh.

The ancient tradition of dairy products continues in the production of the “Formaggella di Tremosine”, with its soft consistency, and from “Garda”, a medium –fat cheese with its hard medium-cooked consistency which depending on the seasoning, can be eaten as a meal or grated. In the mountain grazing season at Cima Rest in Valvestino, a bunch of dairyman produce the “Tombea”, a mountain cheese with incomparable characteristics. It is greatly appreciated for its gastronomic qualities and its genuineness.




Bread or potato dumplings


Swiss card stalks, bread, cheese and organic olive oil from Tignale giant "dumplings"


meat and potatoes put on a spit and slowly roasted thanks to fire and embers.


Originating from the simple cuisine of the past, cake made with white floor, eggs, yeast, sugar and organic olive oil from Tignale.


Originating from the simple cuisine of the past, giant “biscuit” made with white floor, eggs, butter and sugar.